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Organic-certified formulas that care for and moisturize your skin with the utmost gentleness.

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Certified Organic Bath & Shower Gel – Aloe Vera
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Organic Bath & Shower Gels: why choose certified Organic products to care for my skin?

The Organic Bath & Shower Gel products are specially formulated to cleanse delicate and sensitive skin. Their formulas, composed of 98.3% naturally-sourced ingredients, help soften and smooth your skin on a daily basis by strengthening its hydrolipidic film.

How to check the certification of an organic product?

The Organic Bath & Shower Gel products are certified by the Cosmebio label. The logo on the packaging indicates at a glance that these are natural or organic cosmetic products. The label is based on rigorous specifications and a charter of ethical values. Organic and natural products imply not just a naturally-derived formula but also environmental and social responsibility and responsible communication.

The softness of natural moisturization

Rogé Cavaillès brings you an innovation: vegetable Surgras based on Glycerin, Coconut Oil and Organic Almond Oil. Its light, creamy foam has a naturally-derived fragrance and makes your bath or shower a real treat. Apply to ready-dampened skin, then lather. The Organic-Certified Bath & Shower Gel with vegetable Surgras rinses off easily with water.